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Got sheep?

Yes, yes I do.  Thanks for asking.  They arrived yesterday.  Officially known as “PoBoy Forneys Chocolate” and “Lambz Own Holly,” Napoleon and Josephine are settling in nicely.  The llamas aren’t so happy.

Napoleon is nice.  He comes over to be scratched and is pretty mellow. Josephine?  Oh Josephine!  She chases the llamas.  When she wants them out of the way, the move.  Nay, they run. It’s fun to watch.  And somehow, they’re all able to avoid the chickens that get caught in the middle!

Happily, Josephine is supposedly pregnant.  We need to have that confirmed.  If she is, that means lambs in April!  Just in time for Easter.  Maybe I can dye them pink and yellow for my Easter nativity.  Cuteness is sure to ensue!  Let’s just hope I don’t have to help with the birthing.  That could be messy.  For all of us involved.  I’ll start training the llamas for their roles as midwives immediately.

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