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A City Boy Making His Way in the Country

I’m a selfish person with a giving nature.

Today got me thinking about giving. And taking.  Maybe I’ve been listening to too many country songs.  My conclusion, at 4:30 p.m., is that both giving and taking live within us all – the yin and yang of our soul.

Countless people throughout history have demonstrated this inner battle. Bambi for one.  So cute, and a giver of love and innocence.  But also selfish.  Oh, feel bad for me, a forest fire destroyed my happy home.  Be my friend because I have no family.

Paula Deen gives the world delicious foods, but selfishly fills them with addicting butter and flour, making us come back for more and more. Where would she be without her drug of choice, refined white sugar? Princess Diana committed her life to helping those less fortunate, and then died.  Selflessly denying us any opportunity to see her implode like the good ole’ Duchess of York.  (P.S. RIP People’s Princess!)

A bed and breakfast follows this same theme.  Or any service industry offering for that matter.  We give an “experience” but it comes at a price.  Mind you, here at Orchard House, it’s at a competitive price that offers both farm style and modern comfort.  And we do give plenty of animals lovely places to live out their lives free from the hassle of cancelled pensions or rising prescription drug costs.  That’s selfless.

And as I continue to learn how to give more than I take, I feel confident declaring that should Bambi have wondered into my orchard, he would have found a lovely place to live.  And I would serve him a Twinkie Pie and Sweet Dreams Chocolate Fudge Candy every night on a commemorative Princess of Wales Wedgwood plate!

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