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Wine. And other wonderful things.

I’m drinking some wine tonight.  That, in itself, doesn’t make this night different than any other.  But the DirectTV isn’t working, and I’m listening to Adele’s 21.  It’s gorgeous.  She’s gorgeous.  I’m also sipping some tea, the new “Orchard House” blend we had made especially for our guests.  It smells like an orchard.  And I’m feeling a little nostalgic.  If Addison DeWitt were here, he’d say I was “magnificent!”

We open our doors, our official doors, in 5 days.   It has been a journey.  Seven months of planning, preparation, and living for this one moment.  Living under difficult circumstances on occasion.  Our fabulous NYC friends don’t mind sharing 500 square feet – but add three dogs, two cats, and an Everest of cardboard boxes, and it gets old.  Real old, real fast!  But here we are.  We have survived.  And we open in 5 days.

Along the way, we have made wonderful new friends.  Our gorgeous neighbors have been invaluable to our sanity.  I have learned how to become somewhat handy – anything is possible with a hammer and bit of elbow grease.  We have also faced our obstacles.  It is expensive to renovate, and then buy furniture for, a 4000 square foot home.  We have daily heart-attacks.  Today it was the home owner’s insurance adjustment.  I may have to start selling blood.  If only the Red Cross accepted homosexual blood.  What a ridiculous policy!  But I faint near needles anyway.  And let’s stop DOMA first.

There is still tons to do.  But everything is coming together.  We got new hardwood floors for the den.  Then, we decided the wall color didn’t work with the new floors.  An unexpected delay, during a very valuable day, of painting ensued.  Donnie used a roller.  He did a good job.  Even if he does have soft, supple, white-collar hands.

We also have learned a lot about our community.  I feel like we need some children to really infiltrate.  I don’t know if you can rent those.  We may need to wait to adopt.  We’ve gotten involved in Granville.  Me with the local Chamber.  Donnie with the singing.  I met a woman the other day who, when I introduced myself, said, “So you’re the new boys in town.”  Sure, I guess I am.  But I think other “boys” have moved into the area since August.  Maybe even some men.  Or guys.  Fellows even!

I’ve become a farmer.  But really only in title.  I have llamas.  They’re easier to take care of then the rabbits.  I have sheep.  They eat more then the llamas but are pretty laid back.  We may be getting some more llamas.  Easy enough.  But some are pregnant.  And a birthing emergency?  That separates the Mammy from the Prissy.  I fear, for better or worse, I have some strong Prissy in me.  But I surprise myself sometimes.  Babies will be born.  And they will be alive!  (That’s a very Little House on the Prairie kind of statement – but true enough.)

And so my next three days are planned out.  Tuesday: shopping.  Wednesday: painting touch-up.  Thursday: food shopping, baking, and cleaning.  Friday: guests arrive.  Gulp!  But it will work out.  It always does.  There are millions of bed and breakfasts in existence.  And they survive.  There are even some in Granville.  With some interesting similarities to our very own Orchard House.  Weird?  Perhaps.  But then again, we all have beds and breakfasts.  And Indian Runner ducks.

We look forward to welcoming you to our neck of the woods.  Where the deer run free, the llamas spit at one another, and the ambience is Bunny Mellon, and genuinely welcoming.  (Farm Style – Modern Comfort.)  We even take requests for wine hour!  We love a special vintage.  And P.S., now that’s service!  Magnificent is right, Mr. DeWitt!  We are pretty darn great!  If I do type so myself!

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