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Ghosts. And other supernatural things.

Numerous people, including some current guests, have asked if Orchard House is haunted. Why not? Could be. But I haven’t seen anything. Except, of course, for that night when I awoke to see a man standing in my bedroom wearing a Boy Scout’s uniform. To be honest though, I did have two tumblers full of Scotch that night. But, it was real. He had a message for me. Maybe. Not sure.

We recently met a man that grew up in Orchard House. He was adamant the house contained no ghosts. Perhaps. But then again, this was a home for alcoholics.  Someone, somewhere, could still be searching for that hidden bottle of brandy.

Enter last night. Our guests, those who talked about ghosts earlier, asked if we had our lights on a timer. At 3:00 in the morning, all the lights in their room were off. Waking up this morning, a small light was on. We have no timers. And the light, a small sterling silver table lamp, has a turn on switch – a difficult one to turn. It wouldn’t have just “slipped.” And so, it is only logical to assume a ghost did it. I didn’t. They didn’t. And ghosts usually show themselves to those who believe.

What’s the next logical step? Ouija Board!! And another tumbler of Scotch. My parents currently live in Gettysburg – a ghost capital. Sure I’ve experienced some strange things there…and I used to give ghost tours of the town, but I’m still ghost skeptical. Until now. Think of what this ghost will do for business! A nice, sweet ghost! Maybe he can change the sheets. He can tell me what the outside walls look like under the stucco. Oh, he can be my secret spy. There are so many possibilities. (And he is a “he” cause that’s just how it’s gonna be!)

If you’re a medium, please come stay at Orchard House. If you’re not a medium, please come stay at Orchard House. We have a new experience for you. Farm Style – Modern Comfort, supernatural style. ¬†In the end, who knows if we have ghosts or not. But it’s fun to think about things that may or may not be true. Like living in Kansas and thinking about evolution. Or like thinking about Aaron Schock and his decided bachelorhood. Truths in the end have a way of exposing themselves. Hopefully, it won’t be in the middle of the night. After a tumbler of Scotch. When Donnie is away. Jeez, I hate ghosts.

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  1. Claire says:

    Congratulations on opening!! Exciting!! I’ll have to book a room and come visit!

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