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Spring Sprung.

These are crocuses. Croci? It doesn’t matter. They’re growing to their potential here at Orchard House. It’s a sure sign Spring has Sprung. It’s also 6:30 and sunny. And my ram has become slightly more aggressive in his “used to be cute” head-butting routine. All the plants have their buds, and the pea seeds have been sown outdoors. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is a farm! ┬áBut, amazingly, it’s also a bed and breakfast!

I’m planting lilacs. Like a mad person. I love lilacs. I recently has a conversation with my fabulous neighbor about finding the new, hot flower to grow and make millions of dollars. It could be lilacs. They smell delicious, are very pretty, and are perennials…so they’re economical. I also love peonies. They smell like warm maple syrup on a sunny Sunday morning! Or just wonderful flowers.

Anyhoo, it’s Spring. And things are growing. Beautiful things. Iris bulbs are sprouting. Daffodils are planning to take over the fields of Orchard House. Baby animals are imminent. It doesn’t get any better then this. Drinking cheap wine at sunset, with a beautiful view, in a happy place (and space) can reaffirm life as you know it. I have experienced this a few times: in Kenya solo, St. Andrews on the beach, in the south of France, and in Italy with my bro Rands. And now at Orchard House. There is still something quite wonderful about seeing llamas sitting in a field.

As the leaves return, and as our views become even more spectacular, we offer up the Orchard House experience to you and your loved ones. Smell the sweet air, and help mow the lawn! Seriously, it’s big! It will only get sunnier before it get’s darker. And those are the best times at the ‘ole House.

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