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Garage gone. Bummer.

For the past two days I have toiled away building a temporary shelter much like the one pictured to your right. It was meant to hold hay. Hay and other animal foods. Today, as I was moving some trashcans with animal food to the new “tent,” the ram attacked them and they are now sufficiently dented. He knew what was inside. Don’t give him a pinata. It could get ugly.

It was windy today. Very windy. After putting some hay in the shelter, I noticed it was lifting off the ground because of the wind. But surely it couldn’t fly away. 2 ft long iron spikes were screwed into the ground to ensure such a thing didn’t happen.

Fast forward to me grocery shopping. I received a call. It was from our lovely neighbor.  The temporary structure, yes the one that is to your right, had ripped itself out of the ground and ensnared itself on the fence next door. It had to be cut free. CUT FREE! It’s over. It’s done. It’s Mel Gibson. Two days and $200 later, I have a pile of junk.  And now, must purchase a new – wooden – structure asap.  As soon as possible. And the worst part? I was embarrassed our neighbor, with the gorgeous horse barn, saw my measly stack of 8 bales of hay, exposed for all to see. Weird, but I guess, like in the city where I irrationally cared about clothing labels, here I am concerned with those items that give me farm “cred.” And, just so you know, with 8 bales, I might as well have been caught shopping at Old Navy. Escandelo!

And what I have learned from this experience? We have wind. And a lot of it. Dare I say, I bought a llama shelter that will be similar to this failed “tent.” Gulp! Hopefully it will work out better. If it stays on the ground, it will be better. We have a low threshold for success here at Orchard House. But we shall overcome.  We have Bob Evans after all!  And a ram that will head butt away any troubled waters that look to flood our barn…or our hearts!

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