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I’m like the Octomom over here!

This is Camilla. She is one of 5 chicks that arrived at Orchard House this morning at 6:20. She (or he, who knows!) is eating well and chipper. Cute too! The chicks are all Silkies – my chicken of choice. Filled with fluffy feathers, a sweet disposition, and a propensity to be named after British royalty.

Please forgive my blogging absence for the past few days. Our lamb was born last night. I feel bad for our vet as I was a little Terms of Endearment over the phone. The baby came out backwards after all. I cleared the “sac” and wiped mucus from his/her motionless face. He/she then moved, and breathed, and is nursing like a champ. And he/she as an amazing fleece! I can’t wait for their introduction with the baby goats. It’s gonna be sweet. Hopping and running and cuteness will definitely ensue!

Another surprise event – our male llama Basil, the new one, has some…issues…getting up in your grill when you enter the fenced area and spitting. Really! NOT appropriate behavior for an Orchard House resident, even if he’s a llama. He was apparently raised wrong. Tomorrow, in an attempt to halt this negative behavior, he will be castrated. On site. YIKES! It sounds extreme, but apparently its the first step to…cut off this problem (ew!). If that doesn’t work, he’ll need to find a new home. I’ll keep you updated as events ensue! Major llama drama!

For the time being, Orchard House is done with babies. We have tons. Too many! And one more is expected. Our new llama, Sybil, is due soon. Very soon. If I was Shirley McClain on the phone for my ewe, I imagine something between Sally Field in Steel Magnolias and Uma Thurman in all the Kill Bills for this delivery. But a baby shall be born. And he/she shall be sweet.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by! We have baby ducks, petit chicks, and a lamb that is too school for cool! Oh, and some baby goats. They ate all my chicken food today. Darn you Marvin! But I forgive you. You may not be British royalty, but we love you all the same.

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