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We’re getting an elephant!

Hahaha, j/k! But we are going to have some zebra. And maybe some giraffe. I hear they’re easy to take care of. Some hay,  a little tse-tse, and a boat load of Hakuna Matata. In all honesty, I do have my eye on a zebra around the corner. Ever since Swiss Family Robinson I’ve wanted one. Throw in the oldest brother and I can check two boxes on my bucket list.

Wait. I think I’ll get a kangaroo. I’ve been reading recently about an injured ‘roo that a city was trying to take away from a woman. He can come live here. As long as he can’t jump over 4 ft. fences. Actually, I lived in a 16th century home in Chester, England for a summer, and they had wallaby’s in the backyard. It was neat. And pheasant. One morning the lady of the house was talking about the majestic pheasant she saw in the pasture that morning, while she was preparing a meal of roast pheasant. I guess that’s called full circle. Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata!

But seriously folks, we’re not too exotic over here. But while we may be conventional, it seems we’ve started a trend in Granville. Everyone loves Indian Runner Ducks and dwarf goats! But who can you blame?! Walking bowling pins and little goats the size of lambs. At Orchard House, we’re happy to give ideas to others. To be taste makers. In the spirit of Martha Stewart or Paul Newman. It’s an honor.

Please remember, like the elephant and his long memory, that our Spring Open House is this Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m. Come, see the original dwarf goats, give the lamb a kiss (he’ll head butt you with love), and embrace the country ambiance of our Farm Style (and) Modern Comfort. It’s the least you can do. If nothing else, come for the devil dog cake. It’ll blow your mind. Like the amount of peanuts an elephant can eat!

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