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Technology has done me in…again.

I tried to take video of the farm today. I swear! But technology, this darn 21st-century “it” thing, has foiled me at every turn. The lamb and Bob Evans were racing back and forth along the fence line, with Waterloo doing his best bucking bronco every few seconds. I saw it. Tonight, you won’t.

The dogs were wrestling while making their characteristically insane noises. I saw it. Tonight, you won’t. Although, if you know us, and know the dogs, you’ve heard it before. And probably never want to hear it again. But why spare others the joy? And the pain.

But technology will not win today. Maybe it did yesterday, when I got an iphone. And maybe the day before when I played Angry Birds on the iPad. But not today! I type free from the constrains of a “smart” anything. It’s just me and my laptop, and the WiFi, and Word Press. Just us luddites sitting around bashing all these modern day conveniences.

Tomorrow, however, I will again embrace all the technology of the world. We certainly do at Orchard House. We have it all, and then some. T.V.’s, gaming devices, “smart” things, and robotic vacuums. It’s awful hard to yell at a robotic vacuum. They don’t care if they’ve missed a spot, and don’t work for minimum wage. Money means nothing to them.

I will take more video tomorrow. And it will work. It has to! This is America after all. And I live in Ohio, the most American of the 50 states. Waterloo will be a bucking bronco tomorrow. The dogs will make their high-pitched squeals tomorrow. And it’s Easter. Lambs and duckings and chicks on video?! So it shall be.


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