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Rain, rain…eh, you know the rest.

This rain is the pits. And not of the Brad variety! I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond the other day. A show my father loved, so I, naturally, despised it. In retrospect, it’s funny. I get it. But why is their bedroom a nasty gray? Who does that?! Anyway, it was an episode where the wife described how she liked to have a good cry every once and a while. A sort of body cleanse. Like drinking Naomi Campbell’s cayenne pepper mixture. Only for your soul.

Maybe it’s the weather, but I find a tear in my eye every now and then. Primarily from watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Teen Mom. The former because people who could never have imagined owning a Pottery Barn house, get one. The latter because I love drama in all it’s forms. Even though I feel a little dirty after watching it. But nothing a little Franzia doesn’t help get clean. Naomi can keep her cayenne pepper.

While I may not like the rain, it seems Orchard House doesn’t mind it. The plants are growing. The lawn is more lush than the shag carpet at Graceland. Our ducks are in heaven. The llamas even seem fine. They just sit down and look annoyed. And I’ll admit, after watching Sarah, Plain and Tall, that I appreciate the rain is also replenishing the well. That’s responsibility. But I think about it while watching Teen Mom so don’t be too impressed.

The rain should be coming to an end by the weekend. A few dry days, and maybe we’ll get the flooded barn worked out. Maybe we’ll get the duck pond dug. And the llama shade structure can finally be finished. It’s ironic that the llamas need a semi-permamnent structure to escape the rain but it can’t be built until the rain stops. But it’s nothing to cry about. Let’s save those emotions for an especially touching episode of The Waltons. Or True Life.




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