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Are you really a bee?

Today, while filling up a bucket with water, a bumblebee hovered in front of my face. For seconds. Like it was deciding whether to launch mini-photons into my eyes. Perhaps it was a small airship, with a small crew, and even smaller mugs of coffee on board. It was probably just a bumblebee though. Deciding whether to sting me or not.

Really, I think it was looking for water. It was hot today. And everything needs a good drink every now and again. Even flying insects. Even the little men inside that mini-spaceship would need water. Although they probably would have those Star Trek devices that replicate food and water. That is, of course, unless they’re like the aliens from Signs. I think they arrived in mega-ships though.

It’s interesting after one mows a large portion of their lawn, the insects that show themselves. Worms and butterflies and moths and gnats! And the swallows diving through the air to eat them all up. I saw some crows attacking a hawk. I saw vultures floating on the gusts. (But they didn’t show themselves because of the mowing.) And I saw bumblebees. Staring at me as they cruise-controlled next to my tractor. Following me. Watching me. Deciding whether to sting me or not.

I may be paranoid. Or I’m a marked man.Whether it’s a real bee or a group of aliens trying to abduct me, they will not take me without a fight. But I’m also not going to be stung. So if you see me running, it’s not because I’m scared of photons, or afraid of being shrunk, it’s just because I don’t like pain.


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