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It’s true. I’m a fraud.

I hope this beautiful picture of the sun setting over the Orchard House bee hives will distract you from the fact that I’m a fraud. I’m like a fat-free Oreo or a compassionate conservative. My life is a lie. This has nothing to do with the fact that I chose American Idol over Top Model. (Please Tyra, don’t cut me.)

The truth is, I’m an addict. Is there an Intervention for eBay? Can someone stop me from the urge to buy salt and pepper shakers that look like chipmunks, or vases in the shape of rhinoceri. I talk of loving beautiful things, but give me a set of ceramic nuns playing baseball over a Tiffany desk set any day. Am I really more Liz Lemon than Jack Donaghy? Is that possible?

Don’t get me wrong, I know famous artists. I like expensive things. I think Jonathan Adler is the real fraud! A $500 ceramic hippo. Girl, please! I can get me one on eBay for $20. And maybe that’s why I love it so much. Maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed. Maybe, just maybe, I’m alright. I can both scan for delicious bargains on-line and frolic in the world of fine art. I could be on Gossip Girl, but live in the Village. Sip champers with Valentino while wearing JCrew. Maybe, you can have it all!

Correction America, I’m not fraud. I’m diverse. And hip. I’m a reduced calorie Oreo. (Cause I know my limits.) One of the best characteristics of Orchard House is that it feels like a home. It’s eclectic enough to display items you may have never seen, but not so stuffy that you feel nervous walking around it. Like our lamb, cute and thoroughbred at first glance, but just a generic head-butter in the end. Loved? Yes. With a golden fleece? For sure. But you’d never know it as he tries to dislocate your knee.

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