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Antiquing the day away.

Antiquing was the business of the day. Whether it was cash, credit, or check, the 3-Cs were in full force. And yet, I could find very little to purchase. Like a mime on The View, I was at a loss. Which is rather uncharacteristic for me. ‘Cause this lady loves to buy pretty things!

I started at the Springfield Antique Fair today. Lots of flowers, lots of brass full beds, and a plethora of paint-by-number canvases. (By the  by, I have said for some time these were the new big collectible, and while I know no one collecting them, they are all over the place!) I saw some bratwursts and even some decent art work. But it was expensive. And Donnie would yell. Or at least guilt.

Next to an antique mall. Some wicker here, some fabulous decorations there, it was a more fruitful venture than the fair. But still abysmal by my shopping standards. Higher standards? Perhaps. Afraid of the Donnie wrath? For sure. No gems at the store today? That too!

We have a third bedroom opening up if you haven’t heard. And a game room! With a game table I bought today. Checkers is such a relaxing game. Didn’t they play it in the Middle Ages or something? It’s a classic, like Hungry, Hungry Hippos. I think that was Henry VIII’s fav game!

These rooms will be decorated. Will look wonderful. And will be ready on time. Because Orchard House is good enough, Orchard House is smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like us!

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