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Goodbye Oprah.

I think it appropriate that our blog tonight honors the legacy of Oprah. It was her last show today. I’m watching it right now. It’s a mix between the “last lecture” and a commencement speech. She is wise. So wise!

I actually grew up with Oprah. I remember watching her while doing my homework during junior high. Perhaps she is responsible for my T.V. addiction. Parker Posey once said in Adam & Steve, “Oprah has made it impossible for me to have a close relationship with anyone besides Oprah.” There is much truth in that statement.

She keeps saying “my great wish for you…” and I’m confused. Embrace the life that is calling me? I will Oprah. For you! And I guess, for me. That is what you would want. For me to do it for me, and no one else. That is my lightbulb moment, my AH-HA (or whatever Oprahism you choose to use). And so, starting tomorrow, I will be looking for a house on Martha’s Vineyard where my llamas, dogs, and Donnie can swim, sun, and lobster roll morning, noon, and night. Oh wait, I have a bed and breakfast. And we’ll need money.

“You are responsible for your life.” Another Oprahism. “Energy is your life,’ she says. Truth again. I could be nicer. And more patient. And kinder at times. But couldn’t we all? For all the schmaltz Oprah has given, she has definitely shown us incredible people, given power to messages of compassion and kindness, and opened my eyes to issues and struggles that I never knew existed. Could I have learned these through books? Probably. But I wouldn’t have been able to my homework at the same time.

So, in conclusion, good-bye Oprah. I will only be able to see on your OWN cable network now. No more 4:00 excuses to stop working and watch T.V. Oh, wait, isn’t Rosie taking over her time slot? Oh, that will be a wonderful mess! And if that Phoenix can rise again, then there is hope for a return of the Oprah. A new Easter. Where chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are replaced with recovering alcoholics and free cars. And that would be greatest holiday of all!


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