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Do chickens have nine lives?

This is Camilla. She is a silkie chicken. Today, she (or he) decided to be a magician. She (or he) found herself (or himself) in the orchard. Not usually a problem. Except when the dogs are outside. And unfortunately, Camilla was out with the dogs.

I heard chirping. And then cawing. And then silence. And notice feathers in the mouth of Bob Evans, with Wally close on his heels. Like a mutant ninja turtle, I hopped on the roof of a chicken coop, leapt over the fence, and bopped the chicken out from his (or her) certain death. Bob Evans looked hungry. The chicken was alive. And soon rejoined the flock, eating corn and evading the ewe.

In situations like this, I wonder why a chicken, with land to roam, and friends to eat with, would decide to somehow maneuver over (or under) a 4 ft. fence to live a life of solitude. It reminds me of a video I once saw of a penguin, who, instead of walking to the ocean, headed towards the mountains of Antarctica. No matter how many times you caught him, and turned him around, he would continue to the mountains.

Maybe Camilla likes to live on the edge. A daredevil. Some people sky dive, some bungee jump. Camilla walks in the den with dogs. Although, he (or she), failed dramatically on her (or his) first attempt. I hope this escapade will end the spirit for adventure!

I should have known trouble was on the horizon when I was walking to get some animal food and found a baby bird fallen from his (or her) nest. And too tired to try and escape. I quickly scooped it up, placed it in a bush, and threw some bird seed to munch. The bird seed may also attract some ‘possum or raccoons, but that’s the Circle of Life. I’ve done my job. Would Mr. Assisi have done any different?

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