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Don’t be sad baby.

Life isn’t horrible. Don’t be sad. Sometime’s, it gets hard. Money can be tight, and baby dragons will grow up and set your house on fire. Unfortunately, animals can get caught in the midst of personal struggle.

Orchard House turns it’s back to no one. If your parents can’t afford to keep you any more, we’re happy to open our doors, and our hearts, to you. If you haven’t lived up to expectations, don’t worry, that was just one person’s idea of who you should be. It does, in truth, get better.

Orchard House will be welcoming 3 new residents to the farm this weekend. I dare not share their identity, half for drama, and half because they haven’t arrived yet. One of them ┬ácomes from a family that I speculate, merely speculate, imagined he would remain small forever. (P.S. he’s big now.) The other two come from a family that loved them but doesn’t have the financial means to care for them properly. If you can help, you should.

We need to get a third pasture installed for our new arrivals. But it’s only money. We can’t save everyone, but when you have the opportunity, you should. I go back to my fake mentor Oprah, who I believe always quotes her real mentor Maya, who states, “When you know better, you do better.” Sure I’ve been selfish in the past, we all have. But if I have to drink cheap wine, and enjoy stay-cations, but help a destitute animal in the mean time, then so be it.

Come to Orchard House and feed someone an apple. It may be the first they’ve ever had! And I hope, if given the chance, you can help someone in need. Whether he walks on two feet or four, when you know better, you do better. And stay tuned, as this weekend promises to be eventful! So cheer up sad baby, the world is a great place, and at Orchard House, your apple sauce is homemade. And it’s delicious!

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  1. ashley says:

    I really liked this post! Can’t wait to see what you guys have coming!

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