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Mea Culpa!

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I’ve been away. Away for a respite. No spa, or European get-a-way. Just Gettysburg, some antiquing, sleeping, and eating a breakfast cooked by someone else. What a treat! Being back is great, don’t get me wrong. But someone, please, shut the dogs up, clean my floor, and does anyone out there know how to cope with a brain-damaged goat?

Bob Evans is chewing on my foot right now. Isn’t that sweet? And Leon the goat, bloated from eating too much food, was rushed to the hospital. He’s fine. Just ignore the open wound on his side that’s bubbling out stomach gases. Oh, and because of the gases increasing in his blood stream, he may have brain damage. Wow, leave for a few days and nothing stays the same.

A rabbit, or that nasty groundhog, came and ate all my lettuce and kale plants while I was away. I guess I didn’t need them. Roughage is for whimps! So I’ll plant something else. I just bought some peanut plants in Gettysburg. Who grows peanuts these days? I guess I do! And maybe some more tomatoes. You can never have too many!

I’ll be sure to make up for my blogging absence this week with informative news and updates on Leon the goat. (He needs eye drops because he doesn’t blink as much as he did before the bloat.) Oh, and we have a booth at Pride this weekend. And we’re selling jam. The announcement is soon to come. Mmmm, blueberry butter. Close your eyes, and it’s like you’re on a vacation. Just watch what your goats eat while those eyes are closed!


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