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Bugs. Earwig just sounds disgusting!

The bug pictured to your right is an earwig. They are disgusting! Just nasty! And they seem to thrive in the dark recesses of every home in America. Not in the houses literally, but under outside tarps, rabbit hutches, and sneakily slinking under flower pots of every size. I have seem them living in the shadows of every house I have inhabited since birth. This makes me beg the question, are earwigs the acceptable cockroach of the world?

Half-crab, half-bug, full Jersey Shore, these insects have one redeeming quality…they eat aphids – those cute little green bugs that wreak havoc on vegetable plants of every shape and size. While they may look like adorable Pixar creations, they’re mini-beasts and I applaud earwigs for their work. But really, don’t ladybugs do the same thing? And they’re pretty. Snuggly almost!

Since moving to Orchard House, I’ve been more aware of the animals, including bugs, around me. Lots of spiders. Like the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter. But they’re good. They eat mosquitos (and earwigs?) and keep to themselves. Moths too, of every shape and color. Flies too. In every variety. But I’ve taken care of them. I’ve taken a “hit” out on every fly at Orchard House. I’ve brought in professionals. They’re as small as ants, but have wings, and apparently have the bite of a Tomahawk missile.

I was watching Pride and Prejudice the other day thinking about those grand English homes. I bet they were spotless. But how did they keep the bugs out? Sure there are natural techniques – lavender, marigolds, etc – but really, those don’t keep giant wolf spiders away. Or earwigs. They’ll make their home in the lavender, and use the marigolds like a jungle gym. They’re like the honey badger, they just don’t care.

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