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Party Time!

Today Orchard House hosted a tea party. Not the wacky political kind, but more in the Queen Elizabeth II style. (Scones and lemon curd make a lot more sense anyway.) A family member of our guests had a her 75th birthday party! Congratulations Susie!

I’ll admit, catering a party, setting it up, and cleaning up after is a tiring occupation! But the food was great, dare I say so myself. I think I’ve perfected egg salad. That’s a daring statement, yes. But if Miley Sirius can be a voice of reason on Twitter, then I can be the king of egg salad. Oh, and the chicken salad wasn’t too bad either. And the homemade scones? A delight!

After stressful days like these, I turn to Youtube, where I sit down with a gin and tonic and watch some inspirational videos. The night started with Susan Boyle. P.S. was her song that good? I question it now 3 years later, but still amazing. Next up, a little Book of Mormon at the Tony Awards. Genius. If you want to buy me a ticket, I’ll gladly accept your gift and fly to New York. It’s genius. Did I say that already? And tonight, the closer? Neil Patrick Harris and his opening number at the Tony’s this year. (A lot of Tony’s, je sais!) He’s brilliant, the song is brilliant, and I love looking at Joel Gray at the end – isn’t he 90 years old or something?

We hope that if you’re looking to have a garden party or English tea, that you’ll think of Orchard House. I hear we’re a good deal! And the setting is perfect. Beautiful fields with llamas sitting and ducks quacking. The noises are a wonderful backdrop for a spot o’ tea. Oh, and if you have a party here, Bacon will give you kisses! After all, he’s the living Orchard House compost disposal, and boy, did he eat good today! Watercress and cucumber never tasted so good!

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  1. Tom Kennedy says:

    I loved your blog entries and what you have done with the place! It looks great. Hope to see you next time we are back in town.

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