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You call this hot?!

Sure, it’s warm out. But hot? Don’t be a baby – like this little coyote that could only find relief in a Quizno’s, snuggled in-between the Sobe and the Snapple. The air probably does keep him cool. And he’s not sweating. And if he’s thirsty, he doesn’t have far to go. Maybe this coyote is on to something! I will demand an open-air beverage cooler immediately. Mine will be stocked with mini Pinot Grigio bottles and brie.

This month, Food and Wine Magazine had an interesting article about the wines served in the hottest climates around the world. In Death Valley, where the temperature can mirror the age of a Galapagos turtle, the wine of choice is a 2010 Riff Pinot Grigio. In Dubai? A 2009 Pascal Jolivet Sancerre. And in Seville, a 2008 Valdemar (Voldemort?) Tempranillo Rioja. They add Sprite to it. That’s a daring move, the kind of irrational behavior heat stroke would cause.

It is a comfort to know that should water ever run out in these steamy locations, wine will be available as a substitute. But one would also need to eat. On a hot day? Some melon, a nice salad, and some delicately cooked fish. All of these ingredients grown, mind you, somewhere else because it’s too hot for an edible garden in Death Valley. And I don’t know how you’d cook. I’m sure not turning on a grill with the temperature reaches 100. Or even 90. Possibly even 85. After all, it’s hot out!

Try and stay cool this week! Orchard House is a breath of cool air, and you’re welcome to stop by and lounge for an afternoon, or a weekend! We’ll be serving cheese and 2011 Franzia Crisp White. That didn’t make it into Food and Wine for some reason. I guess it just doesn’t get hot enough here.

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