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3 interesting things that happened to me today…

Three interesting things happened to me today.

1) The first involved this turtle pictured to your right. Bob Evans was barking at something in the middle of the orchard. It’s never a good sign when he’s going crazy and circling something dark in the field. The last time it was a groundhog, and before that, an opossum. Today, it was a turtle. A real one! Where did it come from? Lord knows. The nearest lakes are some distance away.

I picked it up and moved it to the Christmas Tree Forest. 30 minutes later, and the turtle was hanging out with the rabbits. He (or she) walked about a 1/2 mile back to the house. So I gave him some water. Now he’s missing. Perhaps he’ll pop up in my bed tonight. And sing me a lullaby.

2) Also today, I checked-in on the finches and discovered babies in the nest. I swear, I clean that darn cage! I usually don’t look in the nest though, privacy and all! There are two lil’ ones in the nest. And one egg. We shall see what will come.

Looking back, there were signs that babies were imminent. They were eating a lot of food. And then there were the small cheeps coming from the nest. Hindsight is always 20-20. And now, they have an egg cake in their cage. It gives them stamina. Or at least that’s what the label says. Even my finches fall victims to my capitalism.¬†They lay eggs and they eat them.

3) And finally, we started our cookbook challenge today. I made the first recipe. And it was ok. Not great, not bad. Plums and black bean sauce. Tomorrow I envision some fish. Just don’t tell Donnie. But don’t worry, I’ll tell him it’s chicken.

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