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I’m an idiot.

This morning I planned to wake-up, set the breakfast tables, and then go out to the garden and collect some potatoes for hash browns. All was going to plan as I set a beautiful table, walked outside, and started digging up plants. But wait, where did all the potatoes go? I only found one or two. I felt like a moron.

After a mini-panic, I remembered there was a bag of potatoes inside. But imagine how stupid I felt. Granted the plants were wilting – the leaves turning brown – and I though this was my moment. But it wasn’t. And what I thought would be a great success had become a garden Titanic. But not everything has turned out that way. You should see my cucumbers!

Here’s to hoping my peanuts don’t follow down the potato path. Those legumes shan’t be dug before their time. And the peanut butter will taste the sweeter because of it!

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