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I love this article from our local newspaper, The Granville Sentinel. I love it for many reasons. It’s wonderful that we have art in Granville. And it’s also lovely to know we have a coffee shop. (And an artist named Kathy Ireland!) I also love it because it reminds me that I do, indeed, live in a small town.

While I know for a fact we have more than one coffee shop in the village, reading this headline, you instantly think of a specific one – and, surprise, it is that shop! This headline would only work in other Ohio towns like Outville and Gambier. Or I guess other small towns around the country too.

I’ll have to be sure to check out this art show, and if you’re in Granville, you’d better catch it while you can! Autumn is coming, school is starting again, and international art sales are at an all-time high.

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