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Old photos.

I love old photos. If you’ve visited Orchard House, you know we have an entire wall dedicated to old photos, framed and sharing their story with our guests. It semi-distrubs me that these pictures were taken, with people posing, in a time when we didn’t have the polaroid, and they end up in antique malls and garage sales. I would think, when they were taken, they was a pretty big deal for the subject. (That would account for all the serious faces!) And so, I’m assembling a collection of the best – and by best, I mean the odd, the eccentric, the ones who ask for a home.

The first picture here is of Margaurita. I’m reminded of The Ring or some other horror movie when I look at this picture. “I’ll give you a basket full of kisses for a basket full of hugs!” To be honest, this picture is currently turned over in the house, so no ghosts can come and kill me at night. The saddest, most desperate part of this picture? On the back, it says, “Margaurita – died 1913 – Age 10.” Gulp. That’s serious. This picture needs a home.

This next picture is wacky. I’m not sure what it’s deal is. A funny, quirky, a la Kim S. stance, or a serious, medical problem-type photograph. I have no clue, but again, this picture needs a home. It reminds me of Harry Potter.

I’d like to thank the Urban Farmhouse for these photos. So great. And there were many more. Many. All with a story to tell. Take a moment to look and appreciate them. With all the smart phone pictures we snap today, everything’s so digital, while these ‘graphs were taken at a period in our history when photos were new, and they should be appreciated. Respected.

And now, I’m going to step off my soap box and go to bed. All I ask is some recognition of the past – for all its quirkiness and fabulosity. We may all end at some point, but our pictures will continue on for generations to come.

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