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A perfect day.

The weather today was amazing. Cool breezes and cotton-candy clouds, with a Raisin Bran sun. And now, I’m watching a sunset with purple and pink skies. Even the animals in the field seem to be looking towards the sky.

Auggie was allowed to recline on a picnic table this afternoon. He loves basking. And baking. And when he gets thirsty? He just licks the rim of a wine glass. He’s come a long way from the shelter baby! He also barks non-stop at night when the other dogs are playing. It can drive you crazy. Maybe he just needs some more wine.

And in case you were wondering, Fantasia went to the vet today for her initial check-up. For those of you who don’t know, we found her walking on a sidewalk Saturday night in downtown Newark. And after a few martinis, she was coming home with us. (We had the martinis, not her.) Our new kitten is actually 2 years old. And she has a massive hernia. She may have been hit by a car. The vet was squeezing her small intestine back into her body cavity. It was gross.

But it was a perfect day. Skies were clear. Dogs reclined on tables. And cats hernias were diagnosed. We could only improve on the day if there were baby llamas running like wild beasts in the pastures. Oh wait, we have that too! It’s like a Jimmy Stewart movie over here!

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