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The Boxwood Garden

The boxwood garden began today. From a blank field to great beauty in just 3 hours! I can’t take all the credit, as much love must go to my farm mentor and neighbor – who has numerous years of landscaping experience. (And it really pays off as the rows of boxwood are actually straight!)

By the end of the day, 100 shrubs had been planted. I decided on the Green Mountain variety, as the leaves don’t look too glossy and they’ll only grow to be about three feet. Tomorrow, I believe, is mulching. And then, the garden is officially open for walking, enjoying, and sipping wines from around the world.

And just wait…the French doors are soon to follow! We’re creating quite the entertainment space here at Orchard House. All I ask is that you please avoid running your car off the road as you drive by and admire the boxwoods. Feel free to come and enjoy them. We’re a mini-Dawes arboretum. And we do have a pinetum. In the garden, I’m growing some sedum. And sometimes I weed ’em.

Goodnight, Granville! Don’t forget to tip your waitresses. I’ll be here all week.

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