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My lamb cut me.

Please look at this beautiful picture of a Hollyhock while I tell you that my ram cut me. Like a desperate coke-addict with a box cutter, he sliced me up something terrible. Common sense would suggest one of his horns was the culprit. But the cut was small. And his horns are quickly becoming musical instrument sized. Actually, it may have been a piece of wire he pushed me into. But it’s still his fault! Even if it was indirect. And now I may have tetanus. And who’s he going to push around if I’m out of commission?

He’s actually become quite the boss. Llamas leap as he runs towards them. His horns down, he doesn’t have the direct strength our adult ram. Napoleon is the true “battering ram,” and so, Waterloo, puts his head down and turns left or right, in a hooking motion, to gouge you to death, instead of attempting to simply knock you out. Smart. And bloodier. He’s definitely more Scream than Silence of the Lambs.

From baby to adult in five months! I can sympathize with all the parents delivering their children to Denison University this weekend. Your babies are becoming adults. And while their process may have taken about 17 years longer than mine, the pain is no less. So let’s listen to some sad Natalie Merchant songs and remember, while we may be melancholy today, These are the Days!


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