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My llama needs a chiropractor.

A few nights ago, Winston, our male alpaca escaped into the llama pasture. I think he got some help smashing the fence from the ram. Because it happened at night, it would have been almost impossible to catch him. So, he was left to his own devices that night. And apparently, with our mama llama.

In the morning, at first light, he was captured. But not before he had harassed Daisy enough that she has a crook in her neck. It’s bowed. Almost like she was whacking something with it so many times that she developed a cramp or something. It’s odd looking, but she continues to eat and act normally. Tomorrow we will call the vet.

I can tell you how the visit is going to go – “oh dear, I can prescribe some medicine to hopefully reduce the swelling and relieve any pain, but I think you’re going to have to see a specialist.” And that is when the word chiropractor will emerge. Or maybe acupuncturist. I’ll be sure to post some video of our llama getting an adjustment. And then you can say you’ve seen everything!


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