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Daisy the Llama – an update.

For all those interested…Daisy the Llama either has A) some neck trauma from some camelid encounter,or B) meningeal worm, a small worm burrowing throughout her brain. Let’s hope it’s the former. But to be safe, she’s getting a vigorous regiment of shots and oral medications. Catching a llama is difficult, giving them shots is easy. Giving them oral medicine, as they like to spit, can be hard.

Half of her Vitamin B complex ended up on my hand this morning. I felt my heart racing, envisioning Vitamin B seeping into my hand, and then into my blood stream, and clogging up some vital organ. P.S. I’m crazy. P.P.S. I’m still alive.

Daisy continues to eat, frolic, and be a normal llama. (Aside from her crooked neck!) Let’s hope these behaviors continue. Four more days of shots ahead of us. And she’s already wise to it. This is going to be a long week! But they don’t call it Labor Day weekend for nothing I guess.

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