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What a weekend!

Woof! I’m tired. It’s been a busy weekend here at Orchard House. Full house? Check. Wine and cheeses? Double check. Lunch with the fabulous editor of Country Living? Done and done. I even wore a jaunty hat for the occasion. Oh, and we met the Beekman Boys at a book signing. I say “met” as in talked with them for 20 seconds, and I don’t think our first impression was the best. Donnie opened the conversation with, “We’re the middle-class Ohio version of you guys” Oye!

We also went to a great barn concert featuring Jim Photoglo. (P.S. that can’t be his real last name! Seriously!) He’s a mix of Paul Simon and James Taylor, and it was a wonderful evening. Cool, with a lake reflecting the stars, and horses munching on grass in the pasture. Maybe we’ll have a concert in our new barn – do you think Adele is available? The llamas love her.

This week also promises to be a busy one. My parents are visiting. ‘Nough said. We’re picking up a few more llamas – possibly a 2 month old with a missing mother. Weaned they say. Not so sure is my reply. We also have The Ohio State Farm Science Review this week. Big tractors and lots of farmy information. The barn should be completed this week too! And may be the new pasture will be fenced in. And to top it all off, Denison parent’s weekend begins on Friday. We can’t wait to see some of our returning guests!

Phew, I’m tired just typing this all! But it’s a blessing to be busy. (I think I read that somewhere – in a Cracker Barrel or something.) We’ll also continue working on our jam recipes, a second is almost ready, and a third begins this week. And the mower must be fixed. The orchard is wild, and it needs to be tamed. The puppies are bushwhacking during their morning constitutional. That’s not right. We want to be Country Living, not just country living.

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