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The peacocks are loose…all hail the peacocks!

In the manner of all great country houses, including The Breakers and Biltmore, Orchard House now has free-range peacocks roaming the grounds at their leisure. While there was an attempt by the groundskeeper to purchase a breeding pair, it appears we have two males living together, either indulging in a care-free alternative lifestyle or co-habitating as a stud gang dreaming of ale houses and risqué saloons.

They managed to stay in the barn during their first full night of freedom. And then they moved. Today I (I mean the groundskeeper) found them in the Christmas Tree Forest, enjoying the carpet of bugs mixed throughout the fallen needles. I hope they make this area their home. It’s cozy. And covered. And seems like a liar for peacocks. They can easily strut from the underbrush into a wide-open field, wowing us mere mortals with their intricate displays.

There’s just one problem. Peacocks don’t get their full tail feathers until the age of three, and don’t get a complete, gorgeous set until they’re five years old. That’s a lot of waiting. And feeding. I guess we could’ve purchased a full-grown boy, but then how do you transport it? A question for the ages indeed! So we’ll wait. Because waiting is a virtue. Or maybe because we’ve never raised peacocks before and we don’t want to start with the Porsche, but rather the Kia.

Next time you visit Orchard House, or if you’re coming for the first time, we can offer the new activity of peacock watching. But you have to find them first. And that’s the real fun!

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I’m okay if they hide. I’m terrified of peacocks. (Though Victoria says not to worry, that we’re still coming back.)

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