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Like sands through the hourglass…

So are the corn-like candles of Orchard House. It seems like autumn just snuck up on us this year. The leaves are their wonderful colors, like an Amish clothes-line on wash day. The underbrush is dying. And the pumpkins are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day. I swear this season just snuck up on us. Sure it’s hot during the day – hot comfortable – but it gets something cold at night. And the fog. Oye, the fog! I wake up every morning looking for Sigourney Weaver in my mists.

My carved pumpkins have shriveled. I need to carve new ones. But it’s a small price to pay for the changing of the seasons. (Although, shouldn’t it be getting colder?) The llamas and alpaca are loving the new weather. They’re spunkier. And eating a lot more.

And so the seasons are a changin’! And we welcome it with open arms. Cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, MY BIRTHDAY (10/20 playas), and one step closer to Christmas and it’s lovable presents and snow. Oh, and it’s one step closer to lambing season. And I love me some baby animals!


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