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Ahh, the news.

I’ve been busy today. Doing things. What things I can’t really remember. I made breakfast for our guests. I went food shopping. Ate lunch. Fed the animals. Hid from the rain. Oh, and I made some jam. (More on this special point within the next few days.) And so, I haven’t had time to check the news. Until now.

One of the many headlines that greeted me on-line today, from a reputable news agency website, reads as follows: Iris: Badly Dressed Fat People Make Me Want To Throw Up.

At first blush, I guess I would suggest Iris not look at large people. But upon deeper consideration, I began to wonder – is this news worthy? Didn’t some dictator just get killed in Africa? Isn’t there a jobs crisis going on? Didn’t Tim Tebow kiss another man after a touchdown last night? It was a news making (and news makers) extravaganza today. And apparently, Iris, and her opinions, are right there in the mix.

I have a news headline – Andrew: What Will He Do with His Blind Chicken?¬†Take that Iris! That’s reality. Chickens with debilitating diseases makes me want to throw up, but if I did, who would feed them? Sometimes, we just need to suck it up and carry on. Even when our fashion sense demands otherwise.










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