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Fall has SPRUNG

The trees are red, orange, yellow, green, and brown.  

Apples are falling in the orchard, with their worms in residence.

Birds are swarming our trees.  Blue jays, cardinals, wood peckers, and miscellaneous LBJs are in the trees, in the fields, and eating the last of this year’s bugs.

It’s beautiful.  The house is beautiful.  The trees are beautiful.  The sunsets are beautiful.  Dried flowers make beautiful arrangements!  It’s a new world.  A country world.  A world full of color.  A world that hints of the cold to come.

The seasons must be changing.  I’m drinking more red wine.  I’m buying pumpkins.  I’m seeing Christmas decorations for sale at the local market.  A quick trip to the local arboretum the other day showed some local residents actually PUTTING UP their “Merry Christmas” signs in their yard.  Too soon! Too soon!

So we’re just celebrating the change of seasons here at Orchard House.  We’re building a barn.  The renovations are beginning.  I’m buying art and furnishings.  Things are moving quickly.  But there’s always time to sit and watch the deer or listen to the geese as they fly south, and away, from our impending Ohio winter.

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