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What someone should have told me!

Today, I start a new topic on the blog. “What someone should have told me!” We’ve been on the farm for over a year now, and are still learning new processes, tools, and information that continues to make our lives easier. So easy, in fact, that someone should have just told me about it in the first place! Oh, I read books. And I google. But I wish someone would have told me the easiest, most cost-effective way to handle any number of situations. So that is what I will do for you.

If you’re planning on moving to the country, or are already installed and have some questions, I hope you’ll ask. This is meant to be a dialogue. I’m not afraid to ask the “experts” even the stupidest questions. I know, almost for a fact, that when I call my vet, he’s rolling his eyes as I speak. But that’s ok. As long as he doesn’t hang-up. Or call me an idiot (in person).

Today, I’ll offer 2 lessons.

1) Pigs dig holes. They digs lots of holes. And can destroy a pasture in matter of days. Our pig, Bacon, roams around rooting up grasses and bugs, followed by a gang of ducks. The solution? A ring through his nose. This is considered cruel – and there are no puppy coats in my closet!

Lesson: If you’re going to get a pig, be prepared for a mess. I guess the word “pig” has its meaning because they’re messy beasts. But not only messy, also destructive. Perhaps a girlfriend would occupy his time. There’s differing views on this however, and my vet is coming tomorrow. I’ll ask him. In person, I really don’t think he can roll his eyes when I ask him what to do. That’s what his car ride home is for.

2) Farm fences are the simplest way to save time, energy, and contain an ornery beast. And they’re easy to install. For about $100 you can get the fence (10 ft.) and some decent hinge-type things. One hour later, and badda-bing! It’s done. If I can do it, anyone can do it! I have trouble putting IKEA furniture together. But this, I can handle. Perhaps it’s innate Americana or something.

Lesson: I’ve had a lot of farm fencing installed by professionals. Never did they mention a farm gate. Chain-link they say, chain-link. P.S. a ram can easily butt his way through a chain-link gate. Not a farm gate! Mwahahahaha! I have won the day, but no thanks to the professionals. I had to discover this by myself. And now you know.

If you’re interested in something, please ask. And I’ll be sure to share whatever information I learn, and what I have learned, so that you don’t have to spend the money, time, and energy that I did in order to get it right…the third time.

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  1. Diana Jones says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from. The past 18 years of country living has definitely been edcational. Just because a plant tag says deer resistant does not guarantee no visits from Bambi. Anything less than a half acre garden is a fresh market delight for the critters, not the humans. Seven acres is not really a farm, but certainly requires a tractor. Squirrels must be related to Einstein. Farmers time planting right after you have made 12 windows sparkle like Waterford crystal.
    But……thank God I’m a country girl.


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