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What a busy 24 hours!

We’ve been busy at Orchard House for the past 24 hours! A ram was castrated, the pig’s hooves were trimmed and his tusks sawed, we had (and continue to have) a full house of guests, and, a few hours ago, a llama was on the ground, unable to get up, her feet running in the air like a dog might do while dreaming. I need a gin and tonic!

Never fear, the ram is okay. He is a bit of a loaner these past 24 hours, but it may just be the pain. When you approach him he licks you like a goat in heat. A strange new behavior, but his hormones are a wreck right now. And I’ll take licking over ramming any day of the week!

Bacon slept a lot today. But he did have his teeth sawed off. Even in these desperate times, however, he still eats. And drinks. And squeals. And oinks.

The llama was a sight to be seen – and not wholly in a good way. It’s disconcerting to see an animal the size of a horse unable to stand. Her stomach was the size, and consistency, of a yoga ball. And surprise, another frantic call was made to the vet.

After some simple instruction we hoisted her onto her side. She started burping like crazy. Then, suddenly, she stood up. Wobbly, and still burping, her baby began to suckle. A few minutes later, all were eating hay. Crisis averted. Luckily, the vet called back, and didn’t make the trip out for this one.

We believe she laid down for a good sunning, and on an incline, was unable to get up. A downed llama with no Life Alert! Do I need to buy these for them too know? Did I mention this is the llama with the crooked neck? Unable to get the momentum to stand, she rolled over, and once over, the bloat set in. And her stomach became a yoga ball.

Another 24 hours of this and I’ll apply for my Farm Bureau gold card. In the meantime, I’ll drink a gin and tonic, and reminisce about the days when all I worried about was where my next cashmere scarf was coming from.



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