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Trolling the web.

I’m an Internet troll. I search constantly for new things. I put on a robe, grab some cheesy puffs, plug in a tropical air effects and get logged in. Hello craigslist, my old friend. Am I looking for that lost connection? Nope, my connections are always found. Also, not looking for any antiques. I think you’ve got to be desperate to buy an antique on craigslist. Go to some potentially crazy person’s house with money, hoping there are no cracks in the stone wear jug. Please! If you’re looking for me, I can be found in Farm & Garden.

I like looking at the animals. I like looking at the farm equipment. And I like looking at all the things people try to sell. Sketchy things. Broken things. There are a lot of horses for sale. Horses of all sizes: large, medium, pony, miniature, and tiny. The tiny ones are cute but they look a little mental. Like they should nay in a squeaky voice and poop tootsie rolls.

There are, for sure, a lot of different rabbit hutches out there too! But none are cute. Granted, bunnies are sweet, but even their cuteness can’t freshen up a depressing wooden box. Also a lot of mowers. And farm land to lease. You can buy fresh brown eggs, decorate your patio and purchase miscellaneous mower parts by the ton! The best part? This is all in one place! It’s amazing. Better than the supermarket. Better than those big box stores. Even better the TSC!

So if you’re looking for me at night sometime, I’m probably on the ‘list. Looking at the goats, and wondering what I can do with 500 cedar shingles and a rare spotted pig. At the moment, I don’t know, but I believe magic is in the air!

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