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Poppies, beautiful poppies!

I took a wonderful flower arranging class today with Evelyn of Artiflora in Granville  - We learned how to work with branches and how to make an asymmetrical “Dutch garden” scene. It’s something delightful to learn interesting facts about design and then have all the tools (i.e. gorgeous flowers) available to play with! I want to thank Evelyn for a wonderful day. We’re happy to highlight her work at Orchard House quite regularly. Soon, we’ll have a gorgeous Williamsburg Christmas display with pineapples. I’m giddy waiting for it!

The class was held at Amy Hamilton’s house. An incredible farmhouse in Granville. Amy’s an accomplished milliner and her studio was something amazing to behold! ( We worked in a restored horse barn/carriage house. It was jealousy inducing. And as I dropped leaves and stems and flower parts all over the floor I relished in my environment even more. There’s something to be said for the pristine Country Living home. There’s something noteworthy to be said about the same space that can be used and lived in. Sweep up the rose petals and make a gorgeous hat. That’s a kind of heaven. My kind of heaven!

Today was great. A much needed break from the B&B. Some wonderful soup, delicious bundt cake (pear and cranberry, that I made thank you very much!) and a day to worry about flower placement and the joy of color and texture combination. And now, I’m sipping on some gin (and juice) and watching The Waltons, as there’s a fire a-brewin’, and the dogs are sleeping. And, to boot, there are two gorgeous arrangements in the B&B. All in all, a champagne wishes and caviar dreams Friday!

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