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It’s officially freezing!

The cold weather has officially arrived. This morning, every water bucket, water container, and duck pond was frozen. Frozen like an ice cube. All this cold water means winter has officially arrived. No longer will I be able to ignore a llama watering source. Ice will have to be broken. My fingers will have to freeze. Today, it was about 1/2 inch thick. That’s thick ice, yo!

Let me apologize for a few days of no blog reporting, but I’ve been in New York City, sipping white wine and missing the llamas. Granted, it was raining. And that made the city a bit of a bummer. You can’t’ walk around like Mary Tyler Moore with full bags from Macy’s and Mui Mui in the middle of a down pour. It’s not chic. All you can really do is huddle in-doors, eating and drinking your way through a broken heart – for shopping is a non-option.

I once thought New York City was the place for me. But really, all I would do there is spend money. Years ago, I actually got into graduate business school in NYC. I choose, as some of you may know, to chase Prince William in Scotland for a year instead. In retrospect, that was my moment to live in the city. Freedom, pre-llama, pre-law school, and before life became complicated. But it wasn’t to be. And I don’t think it’ll ever be. I’ve got a baby llama with a 25+ year life expectancy. While it ain’t no parrot, that certainly is a long time.

I warn you, prepare yourself, for this winter there will be a lot of whining from me about carrying water buckets and tromping through the snow. But don’t believe a word of it. I secretly love it. But a) I wouldn’t be Jewish, and b) I wouldn’t be able to garner the pity from others to make me drinks and cook me dinner, if I didn’t whine a little. And so I’ll trudge through the ice and snow…if for no one else (p.s. I love you llamas), then for me. But ugh, I hate it!

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