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How time flies!

Opps. I meant to write an entry commemorating the one-year anniversary of the beginning of this blog, but I missed it. Whoa, how time flies! I’ve lived in Ohio for over a year. Zoinks! You’ve seen my successes and failures, and spent minutes of your life reading about them. Thank you, I type, thank you!

And so life continues, as it always has here at Orchard House. I have a dog, right now, oozing anal leakage on my leg. My ram lamb? Injured again. And we’re out giving shots to him every night. Mud? Yeah, I got it. Laundry? It’s built up. Our one constant? Bob Evans continues to jump up on me with his wet paws and chew my hand like it’s a baby otter.

So thank you, for sharing the past year with me. We have many more to go! So fasten your seat belts. (Buy some Carrot Cake Jam.) We’ll continue to share this journey together. (Buy some Carrot Cake Jam.) Bob Evans will continue to jump up and chew my arm. (Buy some Carrot Cake Jam.)

What’s the next year hold? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, it’s going to continue be an adventure!

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  1. Diana Jones says:

    Can’t believe it’s been over a year either. Time flies (buy some carrot cake jam).

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