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That’s Master Gardener Andrew to you!

Or someday it will be. For now, you can call me Andrew. Or The Llama Wrangler…perhaps even Cutie. But Master Gardener will have to wait. I start classes in February. I hope to learn something, like how to care for fruit trees. I’d also like to know about molds. And have the skills to identify trees. Oh, and it’d be great know something about soil composition. After this, I’ll be a regular gardener. A master in fact!

Maybe I’ll learn the skills to effectively sit down and negotiate with the groundhog that harasses my house and garden. Alternative Dispute Resolution seems to be the new thing these days. He’ll listen to reason. I’m pretty sure of it, although I’m no master.

I bought some seeds a few days ago, including blue corn eaten by the Hopi. I “Hopi” it’s delicious! I also have some advanced veggies, like specialty cucumbers, fancy watermelons, and herbs used to soothe headaches and add color to salads. I’m going to attempt to grow these myself. It’s not that hard, I guess. And it’s a lot cheaper. As a Master Shopper, I do know that!

Starting next year, pay attention to this blog! Well, actually, I guess keep reading, and in February, when classes start, all I learn I will share. Or at least most of it. (I still need to remain the master, young Grasshopper!)

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  1. Julie says:

    I’ve had some friends do the program. You will learn tons and it’s a great class. Enjoy!

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