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It’s late…

I’ve been trolling blogs for hours, looking for fun things to talk about. It’s been rough. So I’ve traded my wine for some Sleepy Time Tea, tuned into the Kennedy Center Honors, and plopped down at the kitchen counter. All I want to see are gorgeous pictures of wonderful things.

It’s been a slow day today. Making jam, cleaning barnyards, laundry. It’s been a rainy, now quasi-snowy, kind of day. The dogs are sick. Poor Bob Evans had inflamed eyes this morning. That’s gone, but he’s only sitting in his various crates right now. Auggie isn’t eating. And Wally is just Wally. Let’s hope everyone sleeps it off tonight!

Let me know if you have a great blog you subscribe to (current blogging excluded, of course!) Ught-oh, Ms. Kitty is staring at me with evil eyes – she either wants a treat, pets, or to shred my eyes out of my head. I believe it to be the first, but please, I could still use your prayers.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Hi Andrew! I have a friend with an enormously uncouth and hilarious blog. It is You have to look at past blogs. Have fun and get some rest!

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