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Welcome to 2012! As we enter the new year, everyone at Orchard House is thinking how to better themselves, and their community, for the good of the farm. We can all be better after all! And today was a success. We may be covered in mud, but our spirits are high!

This year, we’ve made the following commitments:

  • Andrew will cultivate and grow a successful garden this year. And he’ll be sure to treat himself to more cashmere scarves.
  • Donald will learn to love Bob Evans, and accept him for all his craziness. He’ll also buy Andrew more cashmere scarves.
  • Wally will stop barking so much.
  • Auggie will stop barking when Wally starts barking.
  • Bob Evans will stop jumping up on people. He also insists he’ll stop gnawing on people’s thumbs, but that may be asking too much!
  • Winston will stop pulling out poor Roosevelt’s hair.
  • Roosevelt will stop standing in the rain. He’s also promised to get a haircut.
  • Bacon will stop trying to mount Winston. (If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about!)
  • Waterloo will try to stop head-butting everyone he sees. But, as he says, he can’t promise anything!
  • And Onslow has said he will do nothing about about his continued “special” welcome to the guests of Orchard House. It’s his signature move after all!

We’ll see how well we all do with our resolutions. You need to start somewhere after all. And if we slip up, well that’s ok too. To ere is human…and, well, llama, after all!


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