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I’ve misplaced a peacock or two.

I can’t help but think about that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is sitting at a party, and a woman keeps saying, “Where is my fiancé, I seem to have lost my fiancé.” And Elaine replies, “maybe the dingo ate your fiancé.”

A few days ago, it seemed I had lost my peacocks. They weren’t in the barn. I turned a corner, and one was sitting on top of the barn. I quickly morphed into Jack Hanna, and grabbed a stick with the intent to lift it off the roof and into the barn. It was going great until we reached the barn door, and that sucker took off in flight, heading into the sunset. It was like a moment from Free Willy or something. And then, the sun really did set. And they were both on their own in 20 degree weather for the night. India, this is not.

In the morning, they were found in the Christmas Tree Forest. Sitting on the ground, happy. And for the past few days, that is where they have stayed. Contentedly eating things off the forest floor and basking in the sun. The barn door is left open well after dark to allow them a safe haven from the scary world. They haven’t taken me up on the offer yet. Me thinks I got some pretty hardcore peacocks!

They have taken to living in a bramble den surrounded by actual barbed wire. I hadn’t noticed the barbed wire until trying to flush them out. It’s a real fortress they’re living in! Audi Murphy never had it so good! So with the peacocks found, I can rest easy. All the easier knowing that a dingo is a rare breed in Central Ohio!

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