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Things I love. Right now. at 11:00 a.m., 1-8-2012.


I’ve been cruising the design blogs, getting great ideas, and loving color combinations even I’m not brave enough to attempt. Sure, there are some real misses, and some houses that look like Restoration Hardware threw-up inside them. Reading all this, I got to thinking. Why don’t I share some of the things I love right now. Lord knows, I’m not too trendy. But I do enjoy beautiful things. And gorgeousness. So without any further ado:

Right now, I love…

– Things with pinecones. Less L.L. Bean, more Black Forest.

– The color pink.

– Old Royal Doulton plates with wise sayings on them.

– The new Parent Trap. (Maybe not so new, but I’ve been re-introduced.)

– Cheap oil paintings from ebay.

– Peacocks.

– Clean, purposeful clutter.

– Taking Don’s expensive vitamins without him knowing.

– Oriental rugs.

WPA oil painting. $40.

Not an exhaustive list, but important things none-the-less! I’d love to know what you’re interested in these days. What’s your cat’s meow? Colors, designs, foods…let me know! After all, I can’t follow everything out there – and if you’re hiding a fabulous find from me, I’m going to be very angry.

If you’re in the mood, please follow me on – you can find me at Andrew Kohn. And if you need an invite, let me know. I’ll be happy to get you into this very fun on-line club. We can be chic together! There’s no one I’d rather share a glass of champers with and muse the current trends in outdoor living and wallpaper patterns.

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  1. LOVE this!! Looking forward to regular posts about the things you love. Heading over to pinterest to find you right now. Happy Sunday!
    (((Don, hide your vitamins in something without pine cones on it!)))

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