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I closed my eyes for one second…

And it seems taxidermy is the new Jonathan Adler. (P.S. thank god anything is chicer than a stupid white ceramic animal.) This “stuffed” craze seems to have taken over every interior designer in America. Look at the picture to your right for an extreme version.

I have nothing against a stuffed head on the wall. An eland or gazelle or boar can look great. And, depending on the animal’s death, can be great for the small local communities where they were harvested. But when Martha Stewart starts highlighting stuffed birds, and places them as the centerpiece on a dining room table, the envelope may have been pushed a tad bit too far. For starters, me thinks no one wants to eat with a dead animal in the middle of the table – unless covered in a delicious glaze with a side of roasted potatoes. And second, who the heck is making a centerpiece out of dead birds? That ain’t Peoria.

Luckily for the PETA’s among us, this craze is so widespread that you can buy numerous examples of faux taxidermy. Cardboard heads, cloth heads, and cement racks are adorning the walls of America as quickly as designer cupcakes are popping up on kitchen counters. It’s very Beauty and the Beast meets the 21st century. But then again, what’s old is (always) new again.

And the next trend is going to be? Paint-by-number vintage pictures? They’re sure trying hard! Please tell me what you think. I love to be ahead of the curve. Things are so much cheaper that way!


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  1. Diana Jones says:

    I decided to look for a small metal dental cabinet for the bath. I had my heart set on white with glass shelves. They were quite resonable in cost at the time. I could see the whole finished product, a cute bath with vintage medical pieces and then came Martha. She talked about dental cabinets on her show before I went on my quest. Guess what, the price doubled in a matter of a few days. The same thing happened with milk glass. My latest idea is using drying racks for towels. I better get cracking. Wonder what Martha is up to?? We are too remote for cable.


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