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A City Boy Making His Way in the Country


From this picture, you’ll see we’ve had some snow. Being the first big storm of the winter season, it’s been interesting to see how all the animals are reacting. From the picture, you’ll also see there are no animals in the fields. They remain huddled in the barns, chewing on hay, and dreaming of warmer days.

Bacon gets to eat in his house when it snows like this. There’s no need for him to leave his straw-filled bed in search of dinner, when it can just as easily be delivered to him. He seems to enjoy it. The ducks have also retreated to the barn, where their isn’t much water, but the straw is thick, and the heat lamp is a-glowin’.

It’s been snowing pretty steadily for about 24 hours, with some areas highlighting 18 inch snow banks. Wally gets lost in these snowy areas, Bob Evans just jumps in and out of them, like it’s a sweet spring morning. I used to love snow, and I guess I still do, but when you have frozen hoses and have to truck out in huge snow banks twice-a-day, it gets old real fast. But soon enough, it’ll be 99 degrees with no water and I’ll be moaning about that just as much. It’s the circle of life, as predictable as ever.

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