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What has happened to me?

I used to be fancy. Or at least poser-fancy. I would make my annual trip to Harrods and buy grossly overpriced sweaters, throw-back oysters in the “food court” and, for a moment, understand why Edwin would have them deliver groceries to her house. I also used to enjoy flipping through catalogues – J.Crew as a throw-back, L.L. Bean because I’m rugged. Now, I’m giddy when the livestock catalogues come in the mail. After all, they do sell cattle prods!

I love these “magazines” (as I call them), because they show me a world of which I have no clue but find so wonderfully interesting. I don’t buy anything from them, mind you. My TSC can supply at the same costs without the shipping, but it doesn’t have the diversity. Ultra Start Multi Colostrum Supplement, Round Dairy/Beef Show Halter, Coop’N Compost Odor Neutralizer? All in one location? And Rattlesnake Vaccine? I mean, come on now!

I was salvaging some large tree stumps from the neighbors property today (for the goats to jump on), and did actuality think about the snakes. I was wearing boots…and gloves…but it would still be intense. Remind me, some dark stormy night, to tell you about the time I was showing a group of three-year-olds a 12-inch water snake, and when it went tried to bite my hand, I threw it into the crowd of sitting toddlers. One the upside, you’ve never seen kids run so fast!

It’s nice I’ve found a place to take care of my snake bites, but I think I’ll still go to the hospital should the snakes attack. Even if you’re not a farmer, or don’t own an animal, take a trip through your local farm store one of these days. Udder Wash, Hoof Heal, and Safe-Guard Mineral Mix are only a few of things you’ll find. And there are probably people there who know exactly what all this should be used for! We do live in a diverse world. I’ve lived in one, and am an apprentice in the other. My magazines are making me smarter. Some day, I’ll have that blue belt!

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