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A sheep shelter.

Following in the steps of Rob Roy and Braveheart (whatever his name was), – oh, William Wallace – I have built a tried-and-true shelter for my sheep. They are Scottish after all! All this involves in some straw, wooden stakes, and some form of roofing. Back in the day, it was probably wood or thatch or Highland coo poo. I used some kind of roofing material. I’m not a roofer, don’t ask me what it is.

I think this shelter is pretty fabulous. Every few months, it can be easily dis-assembled and one can replace the old straw with new. The only thinkgI want to add; some turf to the roof – a green roof of sorts. I can’t find turf at Lowes right now though. But I can get a picnic umbrella or a nice wooden bench. They have some messed up ideas of seasonality!

I’m going to build one for Bacon next. I’ll think he’ll get a real kick out of it. And he’ll eat it and destroy it! Unless, that is, if someone doesn’t blow it down first. (A cheap joke, but worth it none-the-less!)


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