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Something amazing I learned in gardening class today…

Did you know a “Dolgo” crabapple can pollinate a Red Delicious apple tree and the resulting fruit will be 100% Red Delicious. Isn’t that amazing?!

Here’s how it happens…the male – the Dolgo – sends his pollen to his lady, the Red Delicious. She accepts the pollen and they have babies. Those babies are the seeds. The actual apple is the female ovary, expanded to encase the seeds. So the Red Delicious is actually the ovary – the meat. The apple cross is contained within the seeds. Should you decide to grow a tree from those seeds, it wouldn’t be only Red Delicious, but a cross between the mother and father.

When you’re eating an apple, you’re eating an enlarged ovary. That’s one of the messages to take away from this story tonight. I was amazed at this information. And I hope your mind was blown too!

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